Uganda is a great country for camping, as there are many campsites around the country.

Contact us for your camping adventure in Uganda .This involves availing you a great tour vehicle plus booking all the required  camping gear including camper tents, sleeping bags , blankets, mattresses, lantern lamps, cooking equipment like frying pans, spoons, forks, cups, plastic plates to mention but a few to ensure you enjoy every bit of your safari.

Whether you are on a budget trip or love the outdoor activities, road tripping with a full set of camping gear in the back of the car gives you a great sense of flexibility.

Budget travellers can self-drive 4WDs with friends and experience the joy of camping in areas not frequented by the traditional tourist. These are ecotourism sites that are not yet exploited. They are unique and unhampered with giving you total relaxation while in these environs.

We have basic camping equipment to enable you to enjoy the great outdoors for which Uganda provides some exquisite settings. These include;

  • 2 man dome/bow tents with mattresses
  • Folding chairs and tables,
  • Cutlery and cooking equipment including cooking gas

In case you need to have a camping safari or equipment on your Uganda safari, please feel free to contact us .It will be offered to you at a fair price.


Uganda is a great touring destination that you should explore. Browse our 200+ tour suggestions for ideas and inspiration and then get in touch with our team to see how easily we can make it all happen. We have experience in organizing personalized  safaris that are well crafted to cater for different interests. These personalized tour itineraries are tailored to suit your safari needs. In planning your safari we will help you with:

  • Route Planning
  • Making Hotel or Lodge Booking
  • Camping Gear
    • Special Interest Safaris
    • Specialised Wildlife Safaris
    • Photographic Expeditions
    • Ornithological Expeditions
    • Fishing Expeditions
    • Camping Safaris

    Stretched Land Cruiser

    The stretched model of the Toyota Land cruiser fit six adults comfortably. They have a pop-up safari roof hatch that can open when you are on a game drive like in Queen Elizabeth National park, Kidepo, park, Murchison Falls Park and Lake Mburo National park. You will be able to see every game from your car.

    Land Cruiser with Roof Tent

    These are beautiful and sturdy rooftop tents that offer the best ultimate safari adventure experiences in Uganda. These sturdy rooftop tents are made in South Africa and made of the highest standard rip stop canvas. It fits 2 adults.


Drive The Great African Off-Road Adventure Yourself!

Dare to enjoy the African adventure in the ultimate off-road vehicle! We have great 4×4 safari rentals for travellers looking to explore Uganda on their own. Choose from small Toyota Rav4 to sophiscated extended Land Cruisers. Our cars are highly dependable given that they are maintained to the highest standards and have proven themselves the best vehicles to use on some of the most harsh terrain in national parks and game reserves in Uganda.


No one would love to be cheated any single dollar, so it is important to know the fuel prices while in Uganda.

To save at the fuel pump, you need to first scout around town for cheap fuel prices before you fill your tank. Some fuel stations offer different oil prices depending on the competition in the different localities and towns.

When you need fuel, just put it in and pay the Pump attendant in cash. Always remember to ask for a receipt if you need accountability. You could arrange for the driver to have a float and you settle later but it is just so much simpler to pay yourself as you go. Take it full, bring it back full: Such arrangements are not particularly common in Uganda. When you’re travelling to remote areas of Uganda and you need more than 100 litres of Diesel, be sure to first calculate the amount of fuel you will need. The formula is 1 litter for every 7Km works for most diesel cars multiply by the distance, multiply by 2, then multiply by the prevailing cost of diesel in Uganda. Once you know the amount of fuel you need, fill your tank. Please note that there some fake fuel stations with unbalanced scales, especially if you’re buying much fuel.

Buying all your fuel from Kampala will help you save on your fuel costs as you may find the price of the fuel doubled in some remote districts of Uganda. In regions like Karamoja you might even find no fuel in a whole district at the time you need it, therefore you remain safe buying all your fuel for the trip at once, near Kampala where fuel prices are relatively reasonable because of the stiff competition though some remote fuel stations hike the fuel prices.

Some Ugandan drivers normally assume that it is better to fuel your car very early in the morning or very late in the evening when the sun is setting. Their reasoning is that there is reduced vaporization of the fuel in the tank and thus the fuel tends to stay longer in the vehicle when the car is fuelled during these times of the day!

Every time that you re-fuel, check your oil and other fluid levels. Look for noticeable leaks throughout the engine compartment.

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