Renting a vehicle, especially 4×4 WD, you will have the freedom to explore most Uganda’s beautiful tourist’s wilderness places at your own timetable pace. The only issue is that Uganda’s beautiful areas are distant and requires long drives and at the end the hospitable people and undulating sceneries makes your holiday adventurous and memorable. For your holiday to visit the pearl of Africa, expect to rent SUV vehicles very cheap but reliable fleets from as low as $ 45 Rav4 4×4, 5 doors or 3 doors and 70 USD for the Land Cruiser Prado and this offer applies to the long-term rental in Uganda.

While driving in any area in Uganda, we do not advise to drive at early morning before 06 am, evening after 06 pm and late in the night, for security purpose of the vehicle and clients. Also when driving in Uganda, be observant as the local may cross at any time without your notification especially in trading centres, domestic animals like cows, sheep and goats on the road. Always fasten the seat belt and drive on the left-hand side of the road, drive 50 km/h in towns and 80 km/h on the highway, fuel up the vehicle in last town before you enter into the park as there is no fuel point and always check radiator water daily.

Hiring a jeep in Uganda, you must have a valid International Driver’s license or your country-issued Driver’s license and it has to be in English and must be valid for the period of 6 months. Our car rental booking assistance team will guide you with your booking process as well as the documents you need for booking and driving a car rental in Uganda.

Yes for any tourist to enter Africa you need to have a valid passport for like 6 month or more and then buy Visa either at the Counsel department in your country of the country that you are visiting. Countries like (Kenya, Rwanda & Uganda) have a common Tourist Visa that can allow enter the 3 countries on your joint trip which cost $ 100 USD and valid for 90 days and you can apply this at the Embassy of any countries mentioned in your country.  But if you are visiting one country the Visa fees are: Uganda $ 100 USD, Kenya $ 50 USD, Rwanda from $ 30-50 USD depending on the country you are coming from, and Tanzania $ 50-100 USD depending to you where you come from.

These primates experience takes in 2 East African Countries (Uganda & Rwanda) and it takes in the morning and around noon it is done and while entering the forest you are accompanied with the rangers equipped to guard you from any attack in the forest, you can also trek gorilla in the Virunga Congo with the authorities from Virunga National Park and they offer tight security to visitors. Read More

For any traveller to visit East Africa/Africa security is a key factor that one has to consider, and generally speaking as Travel Expert on ground i have to say that East Africa is safe from the terrorism attack, Ebola & Cholera, Water Bilharzia  and other dangerous diseases.

The African weather is always conducive due to the rainy and sunny season and it is so much friendly to all humans, through in some places you find that it’s hot and others very cold. So it advised to all clients visiting Africa to travel with both warm and cold weather clothes.

For the camping trips and willing to cook your own food, there are several groceries like Nakumatt, Shoprite, Tuskys and Game shopping shops, providing packed food stuffs, mineral water and before you leave for your safari, do your shopping from these stores in the main towns of Uganda.

Are you planning for your holiday in Uganda, you are required to have the yellow fever vaccination certificate and malaria. Read more

For your car rental booking your payments includes the fee for the vehicle, comprehensive insurance (theft, damage and accident) for the vehicle and clients are advised to come with their life and belongings insurance.

In Uganda tipping is not a must and you can only give a tip depending on your safari satisfaction from the experience of your guide.

We offer tours with the stay in clean safari camps and you can choose to take the Banda’s or the Lazy safari tents or we can offer mobile tents and camp in our recommended safari camps.

We offer various types of vehicles like Rav4 4×4, Land Cruiser TX or TZ, GX, Safari Land Cruiser, Hiace Super Customs with the roof top hatch for the wildlife viewing on your game drives.

Uganda is conducive with good weather and you do not need to carry heavy clothes though in the night to places like Bwindi & Virunga slopes you need warm clothes and day time carry light attires.

To take a photo of the local people take the descent one which does not abuse someone’s rights, but in the national parks for the wildlife you can take in any style that does not abuse the conservation of the wildlife.