Uganda has Safe, Secure Lodges and Hotels:

Hotels and lodges in Uganda are very secure and you will be surprised by the security that is exhibited by many of them even as you enter by vehicle into the premises such as the Serena Hotel or the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala. Let it be a 2 or 3 star accommodation. Security is paramount in Uganda. We choose safe and secure lodges for you both in Kampala and in the National Parks of Uganda.

You will be surprised that most often the security at a hotel or lodge is armed – they most likely have not used their weapons in many years but it is there for the added security for visitors to Uganda.

Uganda National Park Security addressed.

Any tourist would have varying questions of how their safety will be in Uganda’s National Parks.On every game drive in Uganda’s national parks, an armed ranger is with you for your protection. The same is true on every hike or nature walk.


The Uganda government has even added Tourism Police for added security for visitors to the various parks, hotels, and various places where tourists flock too. Your well-being is on everyone’s mind and security in parks is practiced in the most diligent manner in Uganda.


Tourism is a top-income earner for Uganda and no one wants to jeopardize the goose that lays the golden egg..

Crime Threats

Crime, specifically violent crime has reduced significantly in Uganda. A sharp increase in the number of police on the street has cut reported incidents of crime in half in the Kampala metropolitan area according to the Inspector General of Police. The U.S. Mission has also observed a decrease in reported crimes. Pick-pocketing, “snatch and run” thefts (including from occupied and unoccupied vehicles) along with other petty and opportunistic crimes are still common in Kampala but rarely involve acts of violence

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